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Library is a local clothing subscription service located in the heart of Oklahoma City. A monthly subscription allows you to rent and swap out clothing that fits your needs without the hassle of washing your items or returning them at any set time. There are no late or cancellation fees. Here you have access to the biggest closet in OKC. Welcome home, Hot stuff. 

AW Collection

How It Works:







Let's Go

Look Good,
Feel Good

Return & Start Over!

Stop by our storefront located in the Paseo District of Oklahoma City to get signed up and pick out your items. With brands ranging from; Freepeople to Nasty Gal, BCBG, Calvin Klein, Zara, Unif, One Teaspoon, Levi’s, Gina Tricot, ASOS & Topshop etc... The brands are endless to provide a variety of quality and style.

Whether it’s for a date, night out or business obligation, you can wear your item as long as you need without any repercussions.  

Once you return your items your cart is swiped clean and you are able to rent new items. Don’t worry about cleaning the items, we do that for you! 

Sustainable Fashion for a Conscience Consumer

Our Story

       In our current climate crisis, it’s hard to be fashion forward while remaining socially responsible. We live in a society that wastes tens of thousands of pounds in textiles every day. Consumerism and pollution are eating away at our precious earth. The fashion industry is no exception, in fact, it is at the forefront of some of these issues. As conscious beings, we owe it to ourselves and each other to do our part in preserving the environment, and as entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, we owe it to you to provide a solution to these issues. 

      Three years ago Jessi Murray and Ãnna Frost envisioned an idea that combines fashion and environmental sustainability. They imagined a place where women can go to indulge in a shopping experience that is not only eco friendly, but affordable and unique. Over the course of three years, they have curated a magnificent closet that crosses over styles and trends, an eclectic range of items that could reach every kind, style and size of girl. Before they knew it,

Library was born.


Let's Get This Party Started.


The Netflix

The Mini

  • $54/mo

  • 4 items at a time

  • Unlimited swap

  • No late fees

  • FREE Cleaning

  • FREE Library tote upon sign up

  • $16/mo

  • 1 item at a time

  • Unlimited swap

  • No late fees

  • FREE Cleaning

  • FREE Library tote upon sign up


Our Packages:

Have some clothes you'd like to sell? Hit us up! 

We got it babe! 

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